Thursday, August 2, 2007

swapping inspires me

So now that my creative juices are flowing again, I am busy swapping on SwapBot and Yahoo Groups again. Yes, that beast within that beckons me to sew, bead, paint, cut, hammer, swirl, crimp, knot and alter anything I can get my hand on! Now that I have completely "altered" my own life, I am back to making art dolls, ATCs, paper dolls, assemblages and mini art quilts. I will potentially teach classes at the local Scrapbook Store in Brenham! It's great to have sticky, painty, gluey fingers again. ( above are my Starbucks theme ATCs and Art Trading Doll ( combo ATC/PaperDoll) "Hands love to knit & sew, hammer and saw, knead and shape. Hands that are idle grow restless or bored and worse, start to feel useless and unappreciated. Hands love to do what hands can do. When the hands are happy, that can make a being pretty happy too. " Ed Espe Brown

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