Saturday, February 2, 2008

a walk down memory lane

John Denver album...50 cents turntable...$69.00 Australian Merlot...$7.99 cellphone-call to brother...weekends free PRICELESS. On a Saturday night in Carmine, Texas, I just took a long walk back to 1971 Fort Worth, Texas. John Denver album spinning on Matts turntable, myself 2/3rds into a bottle of wine, and a cellphone available to dial while drinking, I call my brother Mike to share this nostalgic moment with him. Of course I painted a similar picture for him only the names changed to Larry Gatlin and a 6-pack beer...or was it 12? No matter, we both laughed and I think cried at the memory. We both know how music can transcend us to a time. a place. a lover. my first. yes, it was always a three way, since John was playing somewhere in the background. and I must admit, that tonight I was feeling so damn young again as I sang with John to each and every song remembering how I was certain to marry him one day. Oh it was a serious crush. Yes, of course I would kick Annie's ass and become the new Mountain Momma in his life. We would climb mountains, pick daisies all day and sing songs all night around campfires. But he had to go and crash that airplane on his way to find me. Oh well, now all I have is vinyl, my own memories and oh that plaid flannel shirt. ~sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy~ john denver

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Rachael said...

seriously woman, i just love you! your blogs give me a perspective that i miss out on because i don't get to hang out with you anymore! thanks for always showing me a refreshing attitude - you're one of a kind!