Sunday, September 26, 2010

we are all winners!!


 Tonight is my 600th post. I started my blog June 2007. I had just moved back to the States from Mexico, opened a Bed & Breakfast and decided to journal about my new life's journey with an online blog. I began to vomit all my ideas onto this keyboard with an open heart, brave honesty and vulnerable sharing. Sometimes I simply tell my story with photographs.  Along my way I have come to know so many supportive friends...<>...which is more and more enriching everyday! I connect with other artists and become challenged with projects and memes.  A favorite publication Cloth Paper Scissors discovered my art and has published me 3 times!!My friends and family return here to see what I am up to if they don't hear from me in a while, because when I am so busy, this is one the place I return to document my day. Too tired to call. Too lazy to write a letter.  blog has become my early morning ritual with coffee and silence, besides the tapping of plastic keys.  These photos here are just a few glimpses of Round Top Antique Festival, which takes place twice a year. Since our B&B is closed for remodel, we are working Texas Rose Cafe everyday for 2 weeks!! It's alot of hard work, don't let these pictures fool you, because my camera stays in the bag when I am having a meltdown!!!
 Now for the give-away!!! 14 of you commented here. 
I numbered each of you in the order of your comment. We are taking your name tomorrow to spin the'll see....sometime in between tossing salads, baking cookies and making sandwiches...we will spin your name and announce the winner!!


kt said...

deb congrats! on the 600th post wow! the cafe looks so sweet!

foxysue said...

Whenever I visit your blog you always have a lovely smile, that's so very attractive, obviously you don't shoot the melt-down moments we all have, or maybe you do sometimes? I don't know? But from what I see your blog is a testimony of what seems like a beuatiful, happy life!

rebecca said...

i love you deb....and i am eternally grateful that this blog world has brought us together!

beth said...

round top is twice a year ?
and how close do you live to it ?
and when should i come :)