Thursday, January 7, 2016

why so many self portraits? Part 3

A family member ( behind my back ) once questioned my work as a photographer "How many photos does she need of herself ?" 
I am here today to explain and answer ... unprompted of course. Not because she asked the question, but because I am heart opening and fearless.

Photography is my Super Power. 
It is my voice. 
When words elude me, my photos speak for me.
I am a story teller. I document everyday life with the simple, intimate details. 
I make photographs, I do not just take a picture.

"But why self portraits?"

Because it is my medicine. Somedays I need a healing method of creativity. A visual voice. An opportunity to vomit out all the emotions. The unspoken frustrations and silenced expressions. 

And I need to check in with myself.

So when I want to create, make and express ... I grab my camera. 
I turn it on myself to fabricate a mood. My story. A secret message. Maybe a healing moment. Perhaps inspired by prompts and e-course guides

My camera is simply a tool 
that facilitates something 
much more powerful than 
the outcome of a photograph. 

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