Thursday, December 9, 2010

Share the Joy Thursday

What brings me JOY this week? 
Mailing goodie-gift boxes to the 511th Dive Team and my son, who will spend his 27th birthday this year in Kuwait. 
 I made 24 Tree Ornaments, one for each Team member, from random recycled materials such as t-shirts, duct tape, paper bags, Levis, and even an old Chipmunks Christmas album!!
I figure since they will not have a Holiday tree in the desert, 
I will just make one for each guy!
and then since my son was born December 12, 
I usually gift him with 12 little gifts, 
one to open everyday until Christmas Day!
 This little Army Owl has flown over to protect
and watch over him for all night duty!
and I believe that every Soldier 
needs a rock of encouragement and love
notice the "Dive in" rock? 
My son is a Scuba Diver for the Army
Thank you Kim, The Queen of Arts
 and to all, a Good Night

for more JOYful stories, please visit Meri over here!


foxysue said...

Such a joy Deb to read about your Christmas giving and traditions.

Sue x

Carmen said...

love love love that garland!!
oh uh oh!!!
the joy of visiting blogs!!

Meri said...

What a fun box that will be to send and what joy it will inspire when it's received. I love the little trees for each of your son's buddies. And the rocks... so cute! You're a good mommy, Deb.

Texas Trash said...

i so love the christmas trees that will soon be so many miles away. !!!

Teteel said...

I can imagine your son's joy when he'll open this magic box.
So tender and smart and lovely things for him and for the other soldiers.
You are a wonderful mother, Deb.

The little trees are awesome!


What sweet gifts! I bet they will all love them!

beth said...

you are the best mom.....and the best surrogate mom to the rest of the bunch !
they will love that package...i'd love to be a fly on the wall to see them fight over those trees :)

Kim Mailhot said...

I love this care and love package, Deb ! Those guys will feel so loved and cared for when they receive it ! Your trees are so cozy and cute and knowing that those rocks are headed to touch hearts of those guys protecting us so well makes me tear up, my friend ...
So sweet !
Big love to you !