Monday, November 23, 2009

message on a wing

Lizzie Lous, Round Top, Texas
Round Top, Texas
Merritt Island, Florida
La Grange, Texas

Susanna Gordon, artist, painter, woman with BIG HEART, started a project called "Winged Messengers" By request she would mail you a set of her handpainted wings...these messages were to be placed in random locations to be discovered by someone unknown. All she asked for in return was a photo and maybe a reason why you chose the location to place your secret message. So I carried my camera and wings in my car and like a little kid hiding Easter eggs all afternoon for my brothers AFTER the Easter Bunny, I searched for uninvited places to land! I love to leave secret messages, love notes and random acts of kindness. So when she gave me two sets, I decided to carry one with me for photo opportunities. And the other I left behind at my local Thrift Store for the volunteers who works so hard, with very little appreciation. It felt so good to give back, in a magical invisible way!!


susanna said...

Well, I am so glad that you were kind enough to participate in my project, Deb. It's been fun seeing where you've put them. The one with you dancing on the beach has me smiling. It's joyful! And the one with the sign on the gorilla...well, obviously you know how to have FUN! I also really like how you've continued with the idea and made your own messages to leave behind.

stregata said...

Beautiful, Deb!

Darla said...

now that sounds like fun! i love doing things like have given me a great idea.

Kim Mailhot said...

Yay ! Those little bits of kindness and love go so far in making the world a kinder more loving place ! They really do ! So glad you know it too.
Hugs to you, Deb - You are beautiful too !

Christina said...

Susanna has such a beautiful soul.
You have placed these sweet wings, in such wonderful places. Your spirit shines.
Happy Day, friend.

kt said...

great idea, loved seeing where they ended up.

SE'LAH... said...

what fun. I just came over from Susanna ;)