Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jumping for JOY

photo by Beth, edited by me

I never put alot of thought into the simple act of JUMPING 
until last week when Beth photographed me. 
She is a fabulous jumper...infamous for her mile high cheerleader jumps and photographing jumping clients 
at the end of  photo sessions.
She even managed to get this shot of  Tres Amigas Frio
photo by Beth
Hi Kim, Hi Debi
Now one would think that jumping is easy..NOT!
 I had to have a tutorial...seems like I don't jump so high.
Soon as I leap, I am right back down on the ground.
What the hell...I decided to try my own hand at this 
so I went on a walkabout with my tripod and remote
I still suck at this.
I can be a hard headed determined tenacious person sometimes

So Laurie and I went for a walk-about one sunset evening 
and got downright silly on the beach 
I jumped
She flew
We laughed until our belly ached
All because we JUMPED!

So for now I plan to stick with what I know best...

photo by Debi
Not bad for a 53 year old, huh?

Now I dare ya...
get up and JUMP for JOY! 
I just did! 
It gets the heart pumping,
joy moving and face smiling!

Will you please come share your joy 
with Meri, myself and other 
JOY  MOVEMENT members?

I'm a good jumper, he said, but I'm not so good at landing. 
Maybe you should stay closer to the ground then, 
I said and he shook his head 
and said the ground was the whole problem in the first place.
~Story People~


beth said...

LOL.....hey !

at least you admitted it's not easy to jump. everyone seems to think that it is, and you're right. it's not. and it's a workout !!

so now i imagine all the bloggers reading this post or my post yesterday, going out into their yards and jumping.

maybe office workers are in the lounge jumping instead of drinking coffee.....

construction workers with hardhats on, jumping instead of getting the trusses put up for the new roof.

meredith, matt and al and ann....all jumping in between news reports.....

i know ellen would jump. i just know she would :)

anyhow, i smile today. because you love that i taught you to jump and that i shared my love of jumping with you :)

and girl. if that darn physical therapy overworked painful shoulder of mine was not 46 years old, i'd have been doing cartwheels with you :)

Kim Mailhot said...

You inspire me.
Love you !

rebecca said...

oh deb....
you know this gets me.
in a very different way. because i remember jumping, riding bikes, swimming, heck...dancing with wild abandon on a few tables in my life. i remember running!!!! leaping, mountain climbing. walking for hours...
you know that i live in a body that is not capable of any of these exuberant expressions.
i am at a very difficult cross road in this physical body. isolation always trying to claim me. earthbound, sometimes home bound. i am a wildly independent woman living in a body that now requires help from others just to navigate uncharted stairs, inclines, slippery surfaces, the unpredictable.
i grew up on the beach. oh the miles i have run there!! i'm not even sure i could walk on a sandy beach any more.oh how i long for the comfort of just that.
certainly snow or ice keep me indoors.
yet in my sleeping dreams i have wings and fly above the enormity of loss. and now i paint...would it surprise you to see in one painting i am rising with a hand full balloons...another i become a stream..flowing easily over rough terrain. in another plucked by an enormous black raven beak and lifted upward. always upward.

dear girl thank you for being my JUMP! for keeping my hand in the heart of an active life!

and cartwheels? you might as well be walking on water....


Jo said...

Good Morning Deb.... First of all the link from Meri's to you is going back to Meri's blog. It brought me JOY! that I had chosen to follow you and took that route to your post this morning. I admit it..... I need my Deb fix every Thursday now. lol

People are jumping for JOY! all over the place this morning. You are right about jumping being difficult. I don't do jumping very well at all and never have, but sure get a lot of JOY! watching others. My expertise seems to be in 'Falling Down' hehehe

Have a JOY! filled day Deb.

d smith kaich jones said...

my boyfriend is loving this - you're belly shows! he said - lol! and it's NOT easy to jump. we just gotta do it anyway.


Sooz Weissberg said...

" ... might as well JUMP !!" I love this post. I think I should practice some jumping. When I was at the beach with my 17-year-old niece this past August, she said, "Aunt Sooz, do a running jump and let me take a picture of you...!" I put my stuff down and did !! Jumping is best at the beach, I think : ]

d smith kaich jones said...

umm . . that should be your. not you're. just in case my niece reads these comments. :)

turquoise cro said...

JUMP!!! A Jumping movement around the world!!! LOL I'll be jumping today, that's for sure girly!!! Who sings that song,"Jump?!!" I LOVE your word verifications! I'll be jumping and yelling or singing out "SOMISOLI!!!" hehe

Karen said...

Oh, I LOVE that quote. And woman if you can do cartwheels that look that pretty at 53 - I say you're in great shape.

miss*R said...

I am 53 too.. and I cannot jump.. but seeing this.. I am going to take my inner little girl outside and jump to bring some JOY to her.. she needs it sometimes.. thanks for inspiring jOy xo

Stephanie said...

I can't jump either...I spent one hilarious day in the studio with a tripod trying to jump...too TOO funny

you are flying
and reading Rebecca's comment both breaks my heart and sends it sailing with her fierce determination and huge heart.


Anonymous said...

Will attempt to jump, but first I need a beach!

Cute, cute, cute pics!!