Friday, February 25, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday

Mother Earth wakes up 
 stretching her wondrous colors 
 let's go blow wishseeds


Spadoman said...

Very beautiful photographs and even more beautiful thoughts for the eminent changing of the seasons that soon approaches. Good thoughts and visions. Thanks for giving them to us.


rebecca said...

the perfect circle of your mouth
releasing wishseeds.

do you have any idea how beautiful you are?
and this spring elation, erupting from the long white dreams of winter....
you are a stunning gift in colour and delight.

i love your wake up call!!!

Stephanie said...

wishseeds! your world is waking up in a colorFULL way to spring...


Nanka said...

Lovely colors spring out as mother earth wakes up!! Nice words apt for the coming season!!

Meri said...

blow for all you're worth
honey chil'- make a big wish
blow it up to God

tami said...

'wish seeds' - love that! what a hopeful inspiring post. thank you!

Grammy said...

That was so much fun. It brought my toughs to spring. : ) Thank you.

foxysue said...

Oh yes they're waking up all the weeds too, still life's a mixed bag we'll take it all in our stride!?

Blowing kisses to you Deb,
love Sue x

Margaret Pangert said...

That was gorgeous, Deb! Photos and haiku! It made me so happy--spring and those first bulbs--the daffodil--and the dandelions! And your youth, pretty and fit! Happy day! Love, Margaret

Jingle Poetry said...

magical piece.
love nature related piece.

welcome sharing your poetry with us,
first time participants can share 1 to 3 old poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

Happy Monday.