Thursday, February 24, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday

" In what wrappings did you find JOY this week?"
mail art from Dawn

Mi Amiga, Meri, hosts Share The Joy Thursday

I am happy to share a few JOY packages of my own with you

 first yellow packages of Spring

a friendly Cabernet

gifts from Jana, she knows what we love

mail art from friends

purple silk and wind

evidence of a soon-to-be kissable-clean-shaven Matt

Joy Movement

so what does your JOY package look like?


gemma said...

Beautiful. Lots of beautifully wrapped packages of joy here!! Guess what? Your word verification is "lightly"...
I like that too.

Stephanie said...

you simply live the JOY!ous life.

look at all those chocolaty delights!!


jana said...

my joy package looks like YOU!

tami said...

oh what joy is evident . . . thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to be apart of your joy! Your post put a huge smile upon my face. Love you! BTW it is snowing here!!!



Carmen said...

love love love that purple silk and wind

windrock studio said...

Hey Deb, after another day of fog, cold and snow, a little bit of warm sun would bring me mucho joy! Thanks for all the sharing, I especially love Matt's tossed aside boots!

nikki said...

my joy package is always my daughter's smile. silly, but true.

I have just begun my journey into mail art and I love you photos showing them

nikki from YAYOM

rebecca said...

damn did i miss this?
kiss the jOy as it files!!!