Monday, February 7, 2011

Mexico Monday

 Missing Mexico?
Yes, I am.
Come walk with me for some color and sunshine and art
to warm up your winters heart..

Do you have a memory or story to share from Mexico? 
If you post on your blog, please leave a comment below 
so we can come visit your Mexico memories!
Mexico Mondays


rebecca said...

yes. i needed this too.
more than words can say.

tami said...

Deb - thank you for your kind words and visiting my blog : )

I haven't been to Mexico since I lived in New Mexico. I miss the colors and the warmth and the memories.

rebecca said...

i have placed a post up for the women of the rugs....who could resist?


Stephanie said...

warming my heart...


beth said...

wow...thanks for the color to brighten my day !

Spadoman said...

Very nice stuff! Love the colors. All the photos are filled with happiness. I don't have Mexico memories, but I get them here.

May I take Drella's comment and use it on my side bar? I love it. It is exactly how I feel about creating
Thanks fora wonderful post.


susanna said...

Gorgeous colours! Are those your winged hearts, Deb? And that big heart filled with the little trinkets is so beautiful. Thanks for the sunshine and colour today.

deb did it said...

the winged hearts are in a Paper Mache factory we went to in San Miguel