Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guest Post by Vivienne McMaster

 The following is written by Vivienne McMaster, my Self-Portrait Muse. After four online courses with her I learned so much and  have grown leaps and bounds as a photographer with the skills she taught me...she has rocked my world!

I’m totally honored to be sharing some words here at Deb’s blog.  We crossed paths last year when she took my e-course You are Your Own Muse and I was immediately in awe of that bright spirit of hers. 

One of the things I love most about photography is each and every time I pick up the camera and head out for a photo walk, there is a sense of discovery.  It turns an ordinary day into something full of potential. 

What light patterns will I come across?
What will be growing in my neighborhood? 
Who’s path will I cross?  A squirrel?  A cat?  A human?
What will the light be like?
Will I find the perfect quiet moment to take a self-portrait?
Will the cherry blossoms be blooming?

Even if I am walking the same route, I am unlikely to hold my camera at the exact same angle when photographing a flower that I photographed the day before.

There is always potential, discovery, newness ahead.

My life (heck, all of our lives) are full of ebb and flow.  Not every moment is inspired, by any means!  Yet I always have that camera nearby to pick up and tell the story of the day.  No matter what else is going on, there is always a sense of wonder accessible by looking at the world through its lens.

Maybe for you it is when you have a palette of paints.
Or a blank page with words ready to spill.
Or by sewing pieces together.
Or maybe today will be the day to discover that sense of wonder.
That place where creativity invites you in and you feel at home.
Where there is always something new to find.

What could you discover today?

Vivienne McMaster is a photographer and leader of the You are Your Own Muse E-Course (with a brand new session beginning in February).  She has a big love for helping people discover the artist and photographer in themselves.  She blogs regularly about self-portraiture, life on the west coast and about living a creative life!

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LB said...

Thank you Deb and Vivienne for this wonderful and inspiring post!