Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You are Your own Muse

1. rock my world, 2. worn out, 3. mellow yellow, 4. right eye, 5. wind is my friend, 6. frame, 7. The Beauty of Different, 8. pondering, 9. window sillouette, 10. I wished, 11. here comes the sun, 12. Texas wild-flower child, 13. wine and me

Dedicated to the lovely Vivienne McMaster
my Muse in 2011

I experienced my first online workshops this past year with Vivienne 
and by far it was the best bang for my buck!
It was so much fun and I do hope you will try one of her classes
You will learn to jump, twirl, turn the camera on yourself and P-L-A-Y!!

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Cheryl said...

Beautiful. Love the selfies. How did you make the picture of your right eye?

Jeff said...

It's quite common to find yourself as one's own muse; who better to know how to pose a particular way than yourself?

Nice collection of self-portraits.