Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

I am fifty four
  I cut my hair
    I am going to visit my Mom in Florida
I am collaborating on a new project SHE IS THREE
I started a new Flickr Group entitled "BARE BEAUTY"
    ...a self portraiture project for women 
                exposing their bare naked beauty

I am growing, learning, stretching...moving forward at a rapid pace!

That's What Deb's Doing about you?


Amy said...

Oh, happy birthday you marvelous woman! I'm so, so glad to know you. xoxo

Serena Lewis said...

Happy Birthday, Deb! Have fun with your Mum! The Flickr group and new project sound great...very inspiring.

kerin rose said...

Feliz Cumpleanos, Deb!

Teteel said...

Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you Health, Joy, Creativity,
Friendship, and Love to your Life!!!
Changes... soooo good!
Be well and Happy!

Many many kisses.

Teteel said...

Which is the link for Bare Beauty,
in Flickr?

Lyn said...



K8 said...

Well happy birthday! And congratulations! I can't wait to read & view all your amazing photos!!! :)

Annie said...

Happy birthday,Deb. Flickr, huh? I will have to go looking.

What am I doing?? Making purses, shrines, and developing a picture book of the year in the life of an almond orchard. Seeking purpose after 18 months of retire. It is nice having all my time to myself but something is missing and I'm looking for that missing part.

priti.lisa said...

Happy Birthday.
Your self portrait is beautiful, you bust bee...♥♥♥

Paintdiva said...

Happiest of birthdays. You are the perfect example of getting better, not older.what an inspiration!

Vintage Green said...

happy birthday to you!!
never stop growing and learning..
that's the key!!!

beth said...

happy birthday to youuuuuuu......and me, i'm just sitting back and watching your bravery...xo

Cheryl said...

They say it's your birthday
Happy Birthday to you...
birthday I would like you to dance
birthday take a cha cha cha chance

good god woman
you are an adventurous sort.

Stephanie said...

Happiest of birthday wishes!!!!

enJOY your time with your mom...and can't wait to see that new doo.


eb said...

happy birthday BEautiful!!!

xox - eb.

Jeff said...

A shimmering, radiant image of femininity. Happy belated birthday and (as one who admins a few flickr groups) best wishes to you on your group.