Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 82nd Birthday Jack

This is my Mom.
She has written a beautiful tribute to Jack, her husband, my stepfather
on this special day.....

Today we celebrate Jack's 82nd birthday.  I am so lucky to have met - and after several years - married this man.  Briefly, for those that don't know our story, 
we met online, when that was a fairly new experience.  No Facebook, MySpace or dating sites.  Just two pen pals with common interests.  
I relocated to Florida from Texas.  And the rest is history.
"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be" 
Certainly at our ages - late 60's and 70's when we met - we were not spring chicks.  And we both face the challenges of aging.  But together we meet each change as it comes, and treasure each moment in a way we could not before.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK.  May you reach your goal to live to be 
101 1/2years young, with me by your side. ~ Lyn Keil~

from Deb & Matt 
see ya soon! 


MarySees said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Hashi said...

What a lovely tribute!

Vintage Green said...

Happy 82nd Jack!!! And MANY many more to you!!!

Deb your Mom is a delight.....I had a look at her blog, she's such fun!! A positive role model for sure!!

Thanks for sharing your parents.

Marit said...

Yes, you have a special mom and stepdad! I just left them some love... and I give you a special (virtual) hug too! Here it comes: squeeeezzeeee... (feel that?!)

windrock studio said...

What awesomely beautiful images and words! A very Happy Birthday, Jack!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday Jack!

You and your mom have the same radiant smiles...off to see her blog.