Sunday, January 12, 2014

15 Feathers

One for each member of the 511th Engineer Dive Detachment

I walked the beach yesterday, cried, wandered, 
let go of my Soldier Son who deployed 
to Kuwait for nine months

There were so many secret messages 
in the form of feathers
I gathered
I walked
I cried

I looked up
I was lifted
 Do you see the Secret Message?



somepinkflowers said...

loving how you honor
your son, deb,
& all those other fine young soldiers,
& our entire country
with your proud flag
heart*felt prayers ...


{{ my own momma
use to tell the story
of the flag
hanging in her parents' window
when she joined the Navy WAVES
during in WWII }}

foxysue said...

I'm seeing ~
tears and
stars in the sky...x

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful soul...a beautiful mother. My heart is with you. xo

Gillena Cox said...

thats difficult stuff brave lady, have a nice Sunday; prayers and warm wishes

much love...

Anonymous said...

How my mother heart flies to your mother heart on wings of understanding! May he be safe, may his mother be comforted!

rebecca said...

fifteen feathers
fifteen prayers
a collection of love, light, protection, the enormity of a mother's heart.
let's take this journey one day at a time.
widening the circle.

Anonymous said...

those feathers are such a beautiful treasure for you to hold onto while your son is deployed. wishing you ease in your mama heart and sending you love, always.