Sunday, January 19, 2014

my backstory of a self portrait

This is the day that decides by itself to be beautiful
~ Henry Shukman ~ 

This is the backstory of how a self portrait is of several tutorials I offer in Mish Mash

It all started one evening, in Texas, Spring 2012, when I was looking out the backdoor to witness such beautiful light.
I grabbed my twirly skirt, tripod, remote
and my handsome Field Assistant of course 
since I was planning to cross barbed wire and  trek 
thru a rugged cow pasture. Next thing I know we are hiking towards the pond

It takes a minute of patience and just the right angle

and of course a remote timer!!
I think we make a pretty good team, eh? 


JonesMoore Studio Art said...


Anonymous said...

Yes you do! The last photo is a hoot. Boots and a billowy slip dress! I Love it!

rebecca said...

gorgeous how you make the light even brighter.

Liz Thomas said...

All the images turned out beautiful! I love the light!

Teteel said...

Yes! a great team!
Lovely photos!

Jo Murray said...

You are a great team!!! Wonderful selfies Deb.

Christine said...

I adore this post!

Teteel said...

The best team! Awesome photos!