Wednesday, January 29, 2014

all dressed up

Backstory of above photo:
I am not a fancy girl who wants diamonds and gold.
We collect odd, random, vintage stuff that please our eyes or value for resale.
Matt brings me vintage textiles, picture frames, fresh fruits and veggies from the Flea Market
(no fleas of course!)

I was laughing at myself trying to figure out a story telling pose with all this delicious embroidery and vintage artwork surrounding me...fruits and all!
But now I am convinced to be the biggest fruitcake of it all !!
...and now you know the rest of my story....(for now)
tomorrow is a brand new day!


Debbie C said...

I love the last photo with all the colors of yesteryear surrounding you. I must also add that I love the dress and those sexy tan legs of yours.

Bella said...

You are the best. xoxox

Jo Murray said...

Love the way you wring joy from every moment of the day.

beth said...

i love that moon face…omg!!!
ps…you are too cute!