Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthday Give-Away

Leave your answer in the comments below 
and I will announce one winner Thursday morning !
If you already took my workshop, you are still eligible 
and if you win, you can gift it to a friend!!

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Hashi said...

If we had all day to play ... we'd salute the sun, collect beach treasures, swim in the surf, climb a hill, hug a tree, tell secrets, drink wine as the sun goes down, and cook a yummy meal. I'd bring my swimsuit and a bottle of pinot noir.

Sue Marrazzo said...

HAPPY Birthday, DEB!
May you have a YEAR full of Peace and Bliss!!!!

Anonymous said...
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mosaikmum said...

Having played with you before I know exactly how much fun and entertainment YOU bring to the playground Deb! I love how you bring the 'permission' to be free, to open up and be ourselves. I will bring myself with an open heart and mind. I'll try new things and learn to think in new ways that only you and fellow mish mashers can give me the courage to do. I will contribute all I can.

I have been trying to encourage my sister to come and play with us this February, but she feels "ill-equipped, not computer savvy enough". So she will be the recipient of my prize should I win! :)

Teri said...

Happy birthday! If we had a fun day to play I'd bring my 2 big tubs that are labeled 'misc' and some shadow boxes & canvases. What sort of assemblage could we come up with? Who knows and that is the fun of it!

Kim Mailhot said...

Happy Birthday, Amazing One !!!
If we had a whole day to play, I would like us to go to the beach. I would bring sand castle building tools, our cameras, and soft blanket and a cooler with icy margaritas in it !
Cheers! Shine and play on !

Kelly said...

I'd love to play Deb...I really want to learn how to do some mixed media! Thanks for the chance to win...Happy Birthday and actually....You won the French Market print from MY birthday giveaway!!! yippee! so...my friend-I'll need your snail mail address so I can get that off to ya!

Pixie Moon said...

Happy Birthday :) If we had to play all day, first a walk to the beach then back to house to have a fun day of art :)

Jo Murray said...

Happy Birthday Deb! May the sun shine on your endeavours all year.

If I was to come visit we'd dance, sing, and create. I'd bring an open heart, open mind, and a free spirit.

Pat Langley said...

Happy Birthday Deb! If we had all day to play, I would wear your painted boots and romp up and down the beach. I'd bring flowers for our hair.

kt40s said...

Happy late B-day Deb! all day!!!! we would walk with our cameras in hand. talk, goof around, create vision journals, make a delicious meal together...have so much fun with lots of laughter!! ohhh.. and sew something:)

xoxo katy