Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On this Thanksgiving Eve I reflect on one of my favorite lines of GRATITUDE.....The Clothesline! From the early age of 7 at Camp El Tesoro and Marys Creek Day Camp I have been hanging my clothes outdoors on a line. I recall the brand new clothespins with my name on them to be used by me and only me! Today 42 years later I am still enjoying the laundry on those breezy, sunny days. I also have a huge collection of my very own photographs and memorabilia about clotheslines, from Amsterdam to Key West, to Mexico and Texas and from all my friends who know about my passion for the simple ways of life. I boast to my guests who stay at my Bed & Breakfast that their bed linens have danced in the wind and been kissed by the sunshine! My special thanks goes out today to W.A. who always made it possible for me to string a line to hang my clothes. Precious moments and memories. ~"My heart is all a flutter like the washing on the line"~ Nathalia Crane~