Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bella Grace Issue 2 Giveaway

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below is my feature, an excerpt from She is Three
"you know that moment when you say to yourself
You are doing all you can do. And that's good enough.
This. Is. Freedom. "
I am nestled inside the pages of this beautiful magazine with so many other friends and artists...to name a few...

The pages are silky smooth, heavy stock. 
It actually feels like a book in your lap with 
pages of journal prompts and list making!!
 The photographs and quotes are dreamy and inspiring.

I want to offer you a free copy of this magazine, so all you have to do is comment below and answer what Bella Grace reminds us to do every single day...
" What is one simple comfort you practice that soothes your soul?"

Random winner will be announced Monday Jan 5

Week of Drinks : Fresh Margaritas

I am blessed with plenty of Florida sunshine and juicy citrus fruits. This makes my tequila very, very happy ! 

This past Thanksgiving Day, we prepared an untraditional meal...Turkey Tacos!!! 

So I experimented with this fresh new recipe 
for our festive drinks!!! Seriously delicious !!! 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Week of Drinks : Green Smoothie

The best part about preparing a stash of Green Smoothie Pellets 
is you can always have a healthy drink available 
with out all the fresh ingredients on hand. 
It's fun to experiment with different ingredients...
so go forth and drink your fruits and veggies !! 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Week of Drinks : Aztec Chocolate

When I lived in Mexico I cooked with local produce, spices and flavors of the region. 
I walked or rode my bike to the Mercado in my neighborhood.
I prepared dinners with fresh offerings of the day.
Sometimes chickens so fresh, they were still warm. 
Cilantro dirty and peppers dusty.
I introduced cinnamon and cloves to my chili 
and spicy peppers to my chocolates.
Tequila was always involved.
And then I was ruined after watching the movie "Chocolat"
Of course, I already was a Gypsy. 
Of course I wanted to be the local Chocolatier. 
But instead, I now live here in the States 
and I try my best to reinvent those memories with my tongue.
( did I just type that ? )

Now why do you wonder about Jack Daniels in this post?
Because this time of year causes me to crave whiskey.
So before I introduce you to my warm chocolate drink recipe, 
I offer you a salut to a very merry holiday season...
with or without whiskey !! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Week of Drinks : Bloody Mary

After a day ( or two ) of too much fa la la la la, a healthy serving of Bloody Mary's can cure what ails you. This is a delicious concoction, even sans vodka !! It's like creating at the salad bar...build it the way you like ! That's the fun part...make it as hot and spicy or mild and sweet as you like it ! The pineapple juice tempers the heat...try it !! Also, squeeze plenty of lime, lemon and orange for that extra kick of Vitamin C !!! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Week of Drinks : Chai Tea

Beginning today is my gift of seven days of drink recipes 
for you to enjoy this holiday season...

Some are spirited, others will be enjoyed by the entire family. 
Some are tropical with a summer twist...
some are warm and steamy for cozy fireplace snuggles.

I have been a bartender since the early 80's, so I know my beverages. 
I believe a cocktail should be handcrafted with the finest ingredients such as 
freshly squeezed juices and served in a fancy glass.
 Mason Jars are the exception ! No plastic allowed !

I believe in starting each day with your favorite beverage of choice...
and remember, IT IS A CHOICE.
OK, you can drip your coffee or steep your tea...
but what about French Press or loose Tea Balls??  
and what about that warm lemon water?
OH MY !! 

I believe the way we begin our day can enhance the direction of our mood.
Are you a racehorse right out of the chute? 
Or a slowly merging butterfly from the cocoon?
How about those mornings you have time to linger over a creamy cup of chocolate 
or bolt out the door with a bold cappuccino?
Or remember those vacation days started off with Bloody Mary's and Mimosas?

Do we drink enough water?
Guilty as charged.
Nope. Not me.
I try.
It's so boring.

So this week, I am bringing you some of my favorites and interesting beverages.
The recipes are in J-Peg format...feel free to right click and save ! 

and if you are on Instagram or Facebook feel free to tag your creations and libations with #weekofdrinkswithdeb #ctyw ( cheers to your weekend ) 

the above recipe can be adapted to your favorite teas. 
Also I like to add a couple Star of Anise to the blend

See y'all tomorrow !! 

Surfin Santas

every Christmas Eve here 
in Cocoa Beach, Florida !!!
YEP !! I am lucky to live here!!

click here for more Surfin Santas

Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Solstice

Leaving behind the darkness
embracing new light
my wish for you is merry and bright

Friday, December 12, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Loving Lupita : Twelve Days of Mary : Day 11

 Paint by number Mary

She hangs in my kitchen, blessing my spice rack

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Loving Lupita : Twelve Days of Mary : Day 8

she was standing alone
we stumbled upon her beauty
i will never forget her

Friday, December 5, 2014

Loving Lupita : Twelve Days of Mary Love : Day 5 Haiku

A comforting sight
Hands together with bowed head
Mary shines her light

Thursday, December 4, 2014

52 Photos Project { This Makes Me Happy }

being in the arms of people I love
bare feet
Florida Grapefruit season !! 


Join Bella over at 52 Photos Project and share your photo!!
You will smile for sure!!!

Loving Lupita: Twelve Days of Mary Love: Day 4

Some ask me with a puzzled look in their eye “Deb, what religion are you?”
They are confused by the images on my wall of Our Lady of Guadalupe placed next to the Ganesh and Prison Art Crucifix which is hung near the Holy Water ...
to read the rest of my story and answer your question...
click here as I thrash about with Mandy Steward