Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Week of Drinks : Aztec Chocolate

When I lived in Mexico I cooked with local produce, spices and flavors of the region. 
I walked or rode my bike to the Mercado in my neighborhood.
I prepared dinners with fresh offerings of the day.
Sometimes chickens so fresh, they were still warm. 
Cilantro dirty and peppers dusty.
I introduced cinnamon and cloves to my chili 
and spicy peppers to my chocolates.
Tequila was always involved.
And then I was ruined after watching the movie "Chocolat"
Of course, I already was a Gypsy. 
Of course I wanted to be the local Chocolatier. 
But instead, I now live here in the States 
and I try my best to reinvent those memories with my tongue.
( did I just type that ? )

Now why do you wonder about Jack Daniels in this post?
Because this time of year causes me to crave whiskey.
So before I introduce you to my warm chocolate drink recipe, 
I offer you a salut to a very merry holiday season...
with or without whiskey !! 


creamycitydreamsicle said...

Making this today for my Sister! I snorted at the "Chocolat" comment-- the same thing happened to me! Haha! <3

Unknown said...

I'm making this. I'm making this. I'm making this. I'm making this. I'm making this. I'm making this. I'm making this.