Saturday, January 16, 2016

Self Portraiture as Medicine, continued

as my journey continues with Catherine Just "Self Portraiture as Medicine" the work is real. the work is deep. in fact, real deep.

"The surfaces have changed, 
though beauty remains" 

opening to my inner juicy self

turning my back on what no longer serves me

more Medicine next be continued

Thursday, January 7, 2016

why so many self portraits? Part 3

A family member ( behind my back ) once questioned my work as a photographer "How many photos does she need of herself ?" 
I am here today to explain and answer ... unprompted of course. Not because she asked the question, but because I am heart opening and fearless.

Photography is my Super Power. 
It is my voice. 
When words elude me, my photos speak for me.
I am a story teller. I document everyday life with the simple, intimate details. 
I make photographs, I do not just take a picture.

"But why self portraits?"

Because it is my medicine. Somedays I need a healing method of creativity. A visual voice. An opportunity to vomit out all the emotions. The unspoken frustrations and silenced expressions. 

And I need to check in with myself.

So when I want to create, make and express ... I grab my camera. 
I turn it on myself to fabricate a mood. My story. A secret message. Maybe a healing moment. Perhaps inspired by prompts and e-course guides

My camera is simply a tool 
that facilitates something 
much more powerful than 
the outcome of a photograph. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

selfies vs self portraits : Part 2

I have been pondering the difference lately 
about selfies and self portraits.
I do both. They each have important and valuable 
roles to me as a photographer.
This is my story...scattered, smothered and 

My selfies are random and playful. Spur of the moment. Grab the phone and post. Unedited. Sharing bits and pieces of my day.

My work as a self portrait artist involves prompts from online workshops, my Big Girl Camera, tripod, remote timers and vintage dresses. I set out to write a story with my camera. I usually post-process before posting. I feel complete.  Like an amazing bowel movement ( yep, I just typed that ) 

So there. I think the difference for me between selfies and self-portraits are I share bits of my day, the other I am cracking open my heart, looking at all the scattered pieces and then sharing those bits with you.

Self Portraiture as Medicine, Part 1

I have been involved with several photography projects, yet the most rewarding and healing are my self portraits. The work is hard. The prompts push me into uncomfortable places and spaces. I dig in deep, wrestle out the emotions and rise up like a Phoenix. I share my story with photographs. 

Over at She is Three, Bella and Jennifer and myself write monthly stories about our own personal walk thru this life. We begin with half a sentence, individually interpret it and shoot a self portrait with a back story. We invite followers to join us in the healing waters of self portraiture every month with #sheisthreedotcom . We have also been featured in the gorgeous, soulful Bella Grace Magazine

"she pretended their words did not break her heart" ( < click for my story behind the photo )

and finally, I have been a monthly contributor for The Secret Message Society Zine



The theme this year was Zodiacs, and I created a self portrait each month for the publication, by Mandy Steward