Monday, January 4, 2016

selfies vs self portraits : Part 2

I have been pondering the difference lately 
about selfies and self portraits.
I do both. They each have important and valuable 
roles to me as a photographer.
This is my story...scattered, smothered and 

My selfies are random and playful. Spur of the moment. Grab the phone and post. Unedited. Sharing bits and pieces of my day.

My work as a self portrait artist involves prompts from online workshops, my Big Girl Camera, tripod, remote timers and vintage dresses. I set out to write a story with my camera. I usually post-process before posting. I feel complete.  Like an amazing bowel movement ( yep, I just typed that ) 

So there. I think the difference for me between selfies and self-portraits are I share bits of my day, the other I am cracking open my heart, looking at all the scattered pieces and then sharing those bits with you.

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