Saturday, January 16, 2016

Self Portraiture as Medicine, continued

as my journey continues with Catherine Just "Self Portraiture as Medicine" the work is real. the work is deep. in fact, real deep.

"The surfaces have changed, 
though beauty remains" 

opening to my inner juicy self

turning my back on what no longer serves me

more Medicine next be continued

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J C said...

Hi Deb. Really interesting photos you have presented here. I've been here before, also to She Three, but have not followed along faithfully. I probably should, as there is much to be learned. I wanted to tell you it was delightful to meet you last Sunday. You are so outgoing and full of spirit, and it spills over to those around you. While I was there with you, I was thinking "I'll bet she likes SARK" because you just come out of yourself so boldly and truthfully. Anyhow, enough blah. I just wanted to say hi and tell you I am truly happy to have met you in person. Take care. judie