Sunday, August 31, 2008


I had a dream last night. it was the most beautiful, yet disturbing situation. THE WAR WAS OVER. and all the men and women, and children were coming home. YES. Children. that was the disturbing part. precious little curly headed 7 and 8 year olds who had been away at war. everyone was so happy to welcome home our heros, yet disturbing to realize how broken and wounded they really are. My son, in real life, not dreamland, is home from the war. and now as he tries to adjust to the civilian life, his own personal battle has just begun. pray for him. hope for them all. BRING THEM HOME, each and every one so they may begin to heal, find hope, faith and reason to live.

Rusty Dusty

I love old things. rusty, dusty, chippy, peely, cracky, weathered, worn, tattered and torn. broken in, soft. things with a soul. things that have already lived a life before me now. things that tell a story. like my favorite 501 button ups. my original pair of Birkenstocks. that yellow beach blanket. Matts Harley tank top. my old leather backpack. my house full of quilt collections, broken furniture, peeling paint, creaky floors and crooked doors. mt photo journey takes you all the way to Mexico, San Antonio, La Grange, Round Top, Warrenton, and Shelby.

Friday, August 29, 2008

gotta love old fashion glitter

playing with glitter and old photos! great for a few giggles!

Wine Cork Dolls

Monica Magness of girl gone thread wild inspired me to make art with all the corks I generate and collect!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been blogged!

Brenda Wampler the creative blogger of Memories & Treasures tagged me today with the above ward! What a fun game I decided to play, today, so I hope you will too if I tag you! Nice rhyme, huh? Thanks Brenda! Let the games begin... 1. PJ's talking... 2.THRIFTY COLLAGE ARTIST 3. Patrizi's Earth 4. Garden Antqs Vintage 5. Misty Mawn 6. MendyTexas 7. The Apronista

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

beauty all around

I don't have to go very far from my little town of Carmine to see the magnificent beauty, art, and moments to photograph. So many photos Dawn took of me are looking up because right over my head were moments of beauty. We spent hours and batteries on a picture tour right here in my sweet spot of Central Texas to friends houses, my Art Bodega and Festival Hill, the amazing Institute of Performing Arts The International Festival-Institute at Round Top

sometimes ya just gotta twirl

maybe it is the green fields of wavy grass, fresh country air and the favorite dress you wear. or maybe the free feeling of being on vacation with a best friend. or maybe the sun on your face and barefoot feeling. no matter what or why, sometimes a girl's just gotta TRIWL!!

two years later

Dawn came to visit me from Seattle last week and it has been two years and another baby since she last visited me in Isla. The next few posts will be pictures and moments of our time together in Texas as we are both shutterbugs! And love to have fun! Love ya Dawn!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

memories & moments

"Time Crunch" What if we lived... in the season with no clock~ no looming time squeeze~ no crunch of minutes... ticking in constant frenzy~ only the present~ would we be able... put away technology~ slow it down and breathe~ study stars and clouds... merging the future and past~ cure the earth ideas~
Haiku by Priscilla Hoekstra