Sunday, August 17, 2008

memories & moments

"Time Crunch" What if we lived... in the season with no clock~ no looming time squeeze~ no crunch of minutes... ticking in constant frenzy~ only the present~ would we be able... put away technology~ slow it down and breathe~ study stars and clouds... merging the future and past~ cure the earth ideas~
Haiku by Priscilla Hoekstra


mendytexas said...

Hi Deb! I love your fun blog. Your neck of the woods is a beautiful part of our great state! I'm in The Woodlands...native Texan! GREAT pics of the B&B. How fun! Thanks for coming by my blog!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the wooden heart!

Anonymous said...

I WANT the wooden heart. I want to make a comment on each post... but I won't... Just know it is a breath of Texas Fresh Air for me to constantly visit you through this Blog and I love it all. Your creative hippy style, so cool so light, so real. Continue to breathe free. Sher