Thursday, October 22, 2015

Making Magical Selfies

As the magic unfolds during my current selfie challenge many of you have asked how I achieve the results oh my own self portraits. here are a few secrets revealed...Two Words. Tripod. Remote Timer.

Day 6 : Self Portraits from Deb Did It on Vimeo.

as seen in Bella Grace Magazine

Next ( Google it ) it's a free online photo editing program. I pay for upgraded version, but the free one is great ! The layers and effects are so user friendly ! 
Now just go have some fun and make your own magic !! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Making Magic Selfies

This is the time of year when funny hats, costumes, wigs and masks come out of the closet. And so do we. We play dress up. We role play. 

here is my backstory about this photo...2013

The prompt that day was "experiment with stillness and movement" as well as another concept of "In Disguise" So I dressed up silly, sorta sexy. The combination made me laugh out loud just as I heard footsteps approaching my wide open front door. So here I am...on the floor, scantily dressed in vintage corset, wig, funky glasses, sipping wine front of my camera and tripod. Uhm...yes. The moment of outburst laughter is what made this photo work.

I am hosting an online party until the end of month ( Instagram and Facebook ) #MakeMagicSelfie
Come join the fun..

Tell me, what calls your name to dress up and play another role that does not fit your ordinary daily routine?
Is it a funky hat ? Maybe an old leather vest ? Or how about those black patent pumps ?
This is the time of year where costumes and parties invite us to become someone else…or are we really dressing up to be just like ourselves?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Liam, my Grandson

This is what 5 months old of wonder looks like

Liam is curious, active, sweet, precious and smart
He tries to talk to me with gurgles and squeals
When we lock eyes, the world stops
I am so in love

The only thing wrong with Liam is that he lives so far away and my heart aches to see him more than I possibly can make happen
Heck, my son is 32 and I wish I could see him more than long road trips and short weekends
So photos and movies fill my heart until the next time this 
Angel Child is in my arms again 

the following photo is featured this month over at The Hours

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Playing Dress-Up

I am honored to be a guest poster over at ViewFinders...I play dress up and tell my stories behind the photos

Thursday, October 1, 2015

throwback Thursday

My interview from February can learn a little bit more about me over here

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