Sunday, October 18, 2015

Liam, my Grandson

This is what 5 months old of wonder looks like

Liam is curious, active, sweet, precious and smart
He tries to talk to me with gurgles and squeals
When we lock eyes, the world stops
I am so in love

The only thing wrong with Liam is that he lives so far away and my heart aches to see him more than I possibly can make happen
Heck, my son is 32 and I wish I could see him more than long road trips and short weekends
So photos and movies fill my heart until the next time this 
Angel Child is in my arms again 

the following photo is featured this month over at The Hours


Kim Mailhot said...

Precious precious boy! Thank you for sharing his magic with us! ❤️

Andrea said...

Oh that sweet face! I had to make him the headliner this week. He steals the show! xo

Unknown said...

that face!!!! How could not be totally smitten!!!