Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Things

The Irish Stew Cook-Off Fundraiser for the Round Top Library brought in over $1000 as we donated a huge pot of Guiness soaked stew, sundrenched green wigs and plenty of Irish Tea with spirits to match the green hair!! may your day be lucky, green and full of fun!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goddess Thoughts

Last week I hosted a women's art retreat here in my home and art studio. It truly was a "GODDESS ART RETREAT" as we gathered to create art dolls. We nurtured and honored ourselves just as I imagine a Goddess would do. There were organic foods, homegrown vegetables, fresh cheeses, wholesome artisan breads, clean fruits and exotic teas. We slept late, dressed comfortably, took walks in the sunshine and sipped red wine. Now I do not consider myself the true definition of a "goddess" as I do not possess supernatural powers, fame, nor wealth, nor am I to be worshipped...but wait! ah yes! I do worship myself in my daily walk as I surround myself with a beautiful home, nurturing friends and delicious home cooked meals. In fact my partner Matt honors all that is feminine within me...lover, artist, mother and in his words "bestest girlfriend ever!" Now that's what I call feeling like a Goddess! For the past month I have the opportunity to photograph several women in my community as we are planning a fundraiser for the local animal shelter. I am honored that these "goddessy" women have allowed me to capture their beauty and spirit thru my camera lens. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our "WOMEN OF ROUND TOP" Calender hot off the press in a couple weeks! The collage above is a combination of goddess images thru-out my home and art studio....the first watercoloring was handpainted by my dear friend DawnVanderstoep, the editor for all our calender photographs! She is a fulltime Goddess as the wife of Cameron, mother of two precious little boys, Evan and Conner, and artist-painter-graphic designer, and YES! that is her beautiful pregnant self with her last son, Conner! "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher" ~Oprah Winfrey~

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

right now

after a long, wonderful, artful three days with fellow goddesses who know how to nurture your body, express themselves thru art, and communicate in such a gentle, open , and honest way, I am basking in the sunlight as my linens dance in the wind and are kissed by the sun. does life get any better than this?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Grandaughter remembers

When you get the phone call you knew would finally come someday, you are suddenly transcended into a child-like state of mind and all your thoughts become pure and simple.For just a little while you are little again.There are parks & playgrounds, swings & slides, popsicles & pianos, typewriters & Tandy centers, subways & Six Flags, stairs to climb, drawers to open with treasures to find, flowers to pick and a 20 foot Christmas tree to assemble with your brothers. When a Grandmother dies there will be church music and pie and fried chicken, aunts, uncles and cousins gather from afar with plenty of unfamiliar hugs and a few tearful reunions.There will be photographs and stories and memories shared by all. It will be a day just like she would have planned when her family gathers together so she can do her Grandmotherly things. I am still little but 50 years old and now eager to fill her shoes to become the Grandmother she was to me and "Great-Grandmother" to my son, Kyle; for someday he will become a father.

Grandmother Torrance:
FUN. flowers. sweetheart roses. piano music. typewriters. FUN. dartboards. pick-up sticks. dominoes. roller skates. FUN. bouncy balls. aca-baca-soda-cracker-aca-baca-do,aca-baca- soda-cracker-out-goes you.