Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Grandaughter remembers

When you get the phone call you knew would finally come someday, you are suddenly transcended into a child-like state of mind and all your thoughts become pure and simple.For just a little while you are little again.There are parks & playgrounds, swings & slides, popsicles & pianos, typewriters & Tandy centers, subways & Six Flags, stairs to climb, drawers to open with treasures to find, flowers to pick and a 20 foot Christmas tree to assemble with your brothers. When a Grandmother dies there will be church music and pie and fried chicken, aunts, uncles and cousins gather from afar with plenty of unfamiliar hugs and a few tearful reunions.There will be photographs and stories and memories shared by all. It will be a day just like she would have planned when her family gathers together so she can do her Grandmotherly things. I am still little but 50 years old and now eager to fill her shoes to become the Grandmother she was to me and "Great-Grandmother" to my son, Kyle; for someday he will become a father.

Grandmother Torrance:
FUN. flowers. sweetheart roses. piano music. typewriters. FUN. dartboards. pick-up sticks. dominoes. roller skates. FUN. bouncy balls. aca-baca-soda-cracker-aca-baca-do,aca-baca- soda-cracker-out-goes you.

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With Grace said...

Blessings to beautiful Deb! I miss you so much. Let's go be "little" together very soon. I yearn for that.

I love you!