Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Begin Deepening

it is not easy being hard.....

my bones, teeth and horns can not remain buried
I am here to stay
Like a Phoenix I will arise
and return again and again
looking beyond my ragged and torn edges
reaching higher up thru the dirty mess

the Soul work I am doing with Catherine Just in her 
BEGIN DEEPENING e-course is pushing me into 
some uncomfortable corners of self awareness, 
bare truth story telling, mind map journal writing and 
photo techniques to deepen the way I shoot myself and share. 

You can hurt me for just a minute. I curl up in a ball. I weep.
Yet when I  emerge with stronger wings,
I will fly away from this pain. 
I refuse to hide
burning memories. the ones that need to.
reaching up higher and harder

{{ Transforming the toxicity of conflict into beauty }}

and at the end of the day, ya just gotta laugh at all the crazy !