Friday, March 25, 2016

spring haiku

in my windowsill 
reminder of new season
nasturtium and dill

haiku my heart


J C said... the kind you eat? I have never seen a blooming dill plant. Thanks for the lesson. Perfect haiku!

rebecca said...

dearest-no words-even a stellar haiku would fall short-in expresings my love. oh how you lift my heart above the fray of life. so many challenges since our paths have crossed. healing and promise arrive in tiny flowers and a love for small words shared. healing is in the sharing-and my words fall so short of acknowledging the beauty and hope of yours and YOU.

Ramesh Sood said...

How beautiful.. No doubt some divine signal pulled me here after a long time.. and I am filled with gratitude for this..


Marit said...

so beautiful Deb... and your Friday haiku-post makes me miss it, longing for the days I wrote a haiku and joined a club every week... I might just join back in some day.... big hug from Holland!

Lea said...

Exquisite. In image and word. I am so glad for the reminder dear Deb!