Monday, January 4, 2016

Self Portraiture as Medicine, Part 1

I have been involved with several photography projects, yet the most rewarding and healing are my self portraits. The work is hard. The prompts push me into uncomfortable places and spaces. I dig in deep, wrestle out the emotions and rise up like a Phoenix. I share my story with photographs. 

Over at She is Three, Bella and Jennifer and myself write monthly stories about our own personal walk thru this life. We begin with half a sentence, individually interpret it and shoot a self portrait with a back story. We invite followers to join us in the healing waters of self portraiture every month with #sheisthreedotcom . We have also been featured in the gorgeous, soulful Bella Grace Magazine

"she pretended their words did not break her heart" ( < click for my story behind the photo )

and finally, I have been a monthly contributor for The Secret Message Society Zine



The theme this year was Zodiacs, and I created a self portrait each month for the publication, by Mandy Steward




kelly barton said...

my life is sweeter, following along with you. i admire the work that you do.

Unknown said...

I so enjoy seeing your beautiful work. Your photos capture a feel of ease and acceptance of not only your spirit but your physical self. I see your self portraits and think I should really try to do a self portrait series, then I am self defeated by a ridiculous need to look younger than I am.

foxysue said...

Having studied fine art photography, in particular self-portraiture I understand the depths of your passion and congratulate you on the fine body of work that reveals your dedication to this art-form, you are an inspiration.

Teteel said...

Lovely work, amazing photos and feeling.

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