Friday, August 10, 2007

slow plane to France

Today my son, Sergeant Kyle Mackey "Scooter" Broughton leaves on a military plane to Corsica, FRANCE, where he will be on his final mission for the Army, diving in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean for World War II Bombers!! Yep, live bombs. Damn, someone's gotta do it, he tells me. It is a very high honor to be hand selected for this Dive Team of seven young men who will also be searching for the remains of another fallen soldier from the war. I can hardly believe my baby all grown up doing such a mans job. I continue to be amazed and so proud of my One Son, as he is the light of my life. Travel safe, be well and return home to us all. love, Mom

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Gwen said...

WOW... that is one totally cool, yet dangerous mission for Scoot the Man. When you say "last mission" does that mean he's served his tour of duty and will be discharged? Gosh, how time just seems like yesterday. Anyway, BE SAFE... BE WELL and get your butt back home Scooter. Love and Peace, Gwen