Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

If my Daddy was alive he would turn 77 today. I would bake him a Peanut Butter Banana Cake, since those were his two favorite flavors! We would go for a long drive to see the Texas wildflowers, eat pie for breakfast, something fried for lunch at a countryside diner, drink wine on the porch after dinner and rock and talk and rock and talk. He was wise. A true family man. Funny. Creative. Strong. I miss him. How can 19 years go by, so much has changed and still feel like he should walk right in my door with a towell over his shoulder and start cooking dinner? I wish I could show him that I am a successful business owner. I want him to know that I am loved by a man, Matt, with undying devotion and wholehearted committment. I want him to know Scooter as the fine man he has become, a wise old soul who makes me so proud to be a Mother. I want to say "Daddy, my brother Mike is walking in your footsteps as a father to Brady and Colby. He truly is the devoted father and also husband to Dana, you would be so proud of." And I would tell him that David, my baby brother is clean and sober, happily married to Patty and he walks a straight line with his God, or shall I say "rides his motorcycle with the Crusaders for Christ." And me and Mom share so many special times together laughing, creating and enjoying life! So on this day, 77 years ago when you were born, I celebrate and honor your memory. love, your Baby Girl aka "Little Bit"


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Deb!
He was one of my surrogate fathers and I loved him, too.
- Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

From your uncle Don & Sue, Jacksonville)
Deb - Greetings from Florida. I was always amazed at the positive attitude your father had. He was always happy and seemed totally focused on what you had to say. When I went to his Master's Degree graduation (TCU, I think), he minimized his accomplishment. Great guy, I miss him, too. Cherish the time you had with a father as I never knew my father and had to tolerate JD, who was a total jerk. Best wishes, Don Spencer

Lyn said...

Great tribute! Although we parted ways later in life - I will always remember what a great father he was. And I'm greatful he gave me my greatest treasures - You, Mike and Dave!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome tribute from your heart. Cherish the memories and enjoy the family. I am sure Dad is looking upon you all with a proudful smile.
Donna B