Thursday, March 18, 2010

moments go by

 photo edited by Michelle Williams

in between plumbers, electricians and shopping for floor sanders and scaffolding on Craigs List, Matt pulls nails, designs bathrooms and kitchens while I try to snap a few photos, thread a needle and cook up some fresh veggies from the winter garden. I can't seem to focus on one project, so I have about 20 going all at once...and most are random and repairing that old rotten garden chair.....but I quite like the results! So I will carry on and we will still have one more dance at the end of our day!


The Texas Woman said...

But I LOVE that chair!

Staci Danford said...

Ok.. I am totally in love with that chair.. So great.. Wish I had one to sit in right now.. Such a great idea.. I can't wait to get back down there are see you guys.. Sometimes we are forced into things, but they end up being a fabulous discovery.. I know your house will be wonderful.

susanna said...

Okay, that chair is awesome!!! Really, it is. You're sense of humour and joie de vivre shows through all these photographs.

kt said...

i love all these little moments and i agree with the others above that chair is great!

rebecca said...

oh to sit beside you,
in any given moment and simply

sending you love.