Saturday, June 19, 2010

I dropped my Flop

I left my first pair on a local garden bench at Festival Hill Music Institute


Kim Mailhot said...

Sooooooo Cooooool ! I wish I was headed to the festival so I could see them be found !
Isn't it fun to spread that love love love...
Have a sweet one, Sweet Friend !

Anonymous said...

i suggest we change the spelling of your name. instead of DEB it should be spelt FUN!!

rebecca said...

my favorite memory of flip flops..
was the year my mother and i filled bags and bags with every punchy colourful pair on sale after summer and bundled them off with us on a trip to oaxaca.

we could hardly wait to sit at zocalo in the ancient shade of those stone arches. wait for all the children to come with their baskets of roses and comical skeletons for dia de los muertos hoping to collect pesos for their wares. most of the children are barefoot, in old hand me down clothes, holding hands and looking out for each other.
it did not take long for them to arrive in mass as we began sizing up feet with shoes.
such joy on the faces of those children. shrieks of happiness and unabashed delight to have NEW colourful flip flops!

those are the children we help with our shrine project. those are the moments we fold in our hearts forever.


robin. said...

what a cooooolllll idea. i will pick some up to embelish...and let the fun begin. who doesn't love flipping and flopping!!

rebecca said...

come celebrate with me...
i'm on fire!