Friday, July 16, 2010

haiku my heart friday

sultry summer dance
Black Cat Choir took me away
slow feet. salty tongue.

photos by Brenda-Seaholm-Wampler
this post is dedicated to Frank, Jay, Doug and Johnny

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Spadoman said...

Very very cool!!! And so apropo. Mrs. Spadoman and I attended a wedding last weekend. It was the daughter of a very good freind we have known for over 40 years. His first to get maried.
We hadn't been to a wedding in a very long time and we dianced, a slow one, together, to show the young ones how we used to do it. Salty tongiue indeed!! Very cool!
Oh, and we danced to YMCA too and worked up some lather!
Love the pic, love the haiku.


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Kim Mailhot said...

Your love inspires.
Beautiful dance, and perrfect haiku to celebrate it.
Happy Friday, Lovely One !

rebecca said...

your face says it all.
and matt's finger gentle woven in between yours.
salty tongue,



Ms. Moon said...

I love everything about this.

kt said...

the romance is heavy in this photo wonderful!

Delphyne said...

How wonderfully sensual - and what a great photo!

Abi said...


Abi said...

I mean... perfect! when will I learn to check before I post!!!

Unknown said...

This photo says it all...the slow dance of life.


Endless summer-my teacher retirement said...

In finding herself
She found salty summer dance
hot moves sparks ignite

paper-n-soul said...

How utterly sweet and lovely.... and very sultry.


'slow feet. salty tongue.'



turquoise cro said...


jabblog said...

Beautiful! Love endures . . .

Kim Andersen said...

lost in love .... wonderful haiku .... love the photo

Michelle said...

memorable night.

Dianne said...

Simple, sensual, perfect haiku for a perfect photo...

Meri said...

Hot! You go, girl.