Sunday, August 8, 2010

AUGUST BREAK: the fire within

“ may you know the fire within you.

may you never doubt your connection to it.

may you learn the balance of holding it close

and giving it freely.

and may you dance

with the light that you shine. ”

~terri st. cloud ~


Michelle said...

dance, little deb, and light that fire!

Michelle said...

You have some fabulous posts in August! Was great catching up on all of them!

rebecca said...

hola mi amor!!!
i am HOME and i have missed you.
love finding you dancing in the light.


Cheryl said...

The is the best self portrait I've seen of you yet. I will treasure it always. I love the poem that goes with it.

Meri said...

I know we'll boogie down in Mexico.

Teteel said...

I love to see you, dancing and joyful !
Many kisses to you.

ELK said...

there is ALWAYS room to dance!

Cindy said...

You got it gurl!