Sunday, October 17, 2010

bah humbug

 So I sat on my porch yesterday morning with my oats, raisins and cranberries, the cool October breeze offering me hope that fall weather just might stay here for a while and I opened a current magazine that had been in my car for several weeks. I rarely sit still long enough to look thru them so they usually go into a pile for collage use later. But this day seemed slow enough, cool enough and quiet enough to actually turn each page. I enjoyed the oranges of pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, mums and fallen leaves. Everything is still green here in Texas. I can still hang my laundry on the line as the afternoons reach 90 degrees. The sun is setting deeper, longer. The evening glow is perfect for photographing. But I grumble as I noticed that every other page in this magazine was an ad for MOISTURIZER!!! Seriously...anti-wrinkle creams and dry skin remedies....I swear every other page. So just last week I wrote here about my dry 52 year old skin, and now I have a lapfull of lotions and potions that promise to bring back my youthful appearance. BA HUMBUG. That is not real. I am really wrinkly, dry skinned and tired of this humid hot weather today. I like my gray hair, Indian Summers and tofu for breakfast. I don't like this magazine. So now I am going into the house, turning on the A/C, turn up the 8 track player with Ronnie Milsap, pour a cold glass of something and make these...or these.
And then I plan to make these for dinner.


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hi Deb....!

I LOATHE moisturising adds & the FALSE hope the stupid adds promote....hahahahaha....The Texas heat played HAVOC with my poor Aussie skin during Antique Week & I SWEAR I came back with TEN new wrinkles....Like I needed MORE....hahahahaha....!

Here's hoping the a/c contributed to some happy pumpkin making....AND some yummy chicpea & tahini burgers....!

Cheers from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

rebecca said...

forget the lotion...and come with me to san miguel...the air is healing balm, the laughter and smiles make everything unimportant wash away!!!!

counting the DAYS!!!

Hashi said...

Those ads are designed to make us feel inadequate. You are beautiful, lady!

Meri said...

I second what Rebecca says. And my skin is fine and I rarely put anything on it. . . plus I wash my face with the shower puff and body wash.

foxysue said...

My sister has been trying to sell me the latest moisturizer for the last 10 years! From you know who! Each one more miraculous than the previous! How come we, or should I say 'they' don't look naturally airbrushed!

Thanks for the dinner suggestion.

beth said...

i love your attitude and honesty....and i love your grey hair, too.....

but do i fall victim to a new improved somethings to rub all over my face....i do....darn it !

Unknown said...

deb, I am so looking forward to reading your posts... you sound real and phenomenal and inspirational.