Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Handmade Holidays!

 Here is a glimpse of my banner featured in the current CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS GIFTS! It's time to thread my sewing machine, sharpen my needles and get busy sewing for the holidays....I will be opening my Etsy shop online soon, so save some pennies and come shop my store for your holiday gifts!

 Happy Holiday Dawn.....this is a gift flying your way!

Coming soon to Etsy!


amy said...

DEB!!!!! I just love your banners! I can't wait til to see the new Etsy Store!!! hmmm, are you going to carry some of your cute tote bags that i adore also????

beth said...

wow....like really wow !
you are published !!!....and now an etsy shop, too !
stop it you talented thing you !

Michelle said...

bee-utiful things
a bee-utiful
take care, mich

kt said...

I have been waiting for this shop! I am going to try to find the magazine, both are great news!

susanna said...

These are so pretty!!!! What an original idea, too. Congratulations on your new shop. Please let me know when it's open.