Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my signs

"life is just overwhelming at times,
and we are all standing on a corner
with a sign in our hands needing something"

~debi smith kaich jones~ 

I need my son to come home. He needs to be with his wife, 2 dogs, favorite recliner and Sunday afternoon football. I need to be able to call him for no reason other than to hear his smile on the phone and talk about nice things.  I need to remove the sign in my window. 

I need a long soak

 this 52 year old body needs a long walk on the beach and a sunburn!

I am overwhelmed these days, feeling anxious about my sons deployment, the hard-hat zone my home has become and my longing for the Florida Beach.
I am not really complaining about my needs/wants....just tossing them into the winds of blogosphere so maybe my anxiety will fade.
I seriously have so much to be grateful for... health, happiness, the undying love and devotion of my lifemate Matt, good friends, dependable cars, a strong daughter-in-law, a great camera and a decent bottle of wine.
 In the meantime, my son works in Kuwait, in Army Hell. My bathtub is in storage, and I will return to Florida for Thanksgiving!
Graciel and Debi invite you to come visit their signage project.


kt said...

Don't forget to be grateful for the beautiful 52 year body:) hang in there consider some of theses things/thoughts tossed my way and I put them on my hand and wished and then blew them off on their way.

foxysue said...

Speed your bath tub, Speed your son and thank goodness for Florida Thanksgiving!

beth said...

oh deb...
your signs....your needs...your words. they were all perfect. and beautiful. and honest.

and that 52 year old body....all 52 year old women should be so lucky as to only need moisturizer.....sexy as ever, you are !

Kim Mailhot said...

Putting them out there, thouse wants and needs, is a brilliant thing, Miss Deb ! Let the Universe deal with them while you do the living. ;)
Sending you love and hope and a virtual shoulder rub...

Graciel said...


what a fabulous introduction (for me) about you! a thousand thank yous for playing along with sign day. prayers and god speed for your son's safety and return to his family.

and my god, woman, 52 has never looked so good!

xo, graciel

skye said...

Yes, yes! I surround your son with love to return to the safety of his mother's gaze...after a long soak & moisterizer. <3
Thank you for the beautiful images & words today.

d smith kaich jones said...

Funny how much we have to be grateful for, but we all still have needs. I believe, as you said, that tossing those words out into the Universe may help. Here's to all your needs being met. And soon. And to sunburns and long baths and sons back home. Oh. And to looking that fabulous at any age! Yeah, baby!


Anonymous said...

I wish peace for you in your life. Take care.

Best wishes, Boonie

Lynna G said...

This was a beautiful moving post. i am so glad I stumbled last week on Gracie's blog.
Thanks you

mrs mediocrity said...

needs aren't complaints, they are needs, and that is how this whole thing got started i think, sometimes we just need to say these things out loud.

your needs are real and now i am hoping for you that they are all met, each and every one. but mostly the son back home one...i will hope hardest for that one.

my sign is here http://www.mrsmediocrity.com/?p=4254

Teteel said...

What a lovely post!
I like your signs!
I wish you, all your needs be fulfilled.

and your body is soooo beautiful!

Meri said...

Come on March (and the end of October so we can have a fun fest).

turquoise cro said...

O Deb! I've been in your shoes, my oldest son was in the Army in Korea 9/11/01! YOU won't be COMPLETELY YOU til your boy is back in the USA!!! I am sending YOU and YOURS Love and prayers!! I wish I could go with YOU and Rebecca! I will be there in spirit, when a donkey bleats out an extra melodious chord, think of me! hehe

Jennifer said...

Sending lots of good thoughts for your son's safe return home. Beautiful post all 'round.