Monday, October 18, 2010


which one are you?

Shabby, lacy?
Natural, burlap, linen?
Funky, bright, retro?

click on names below each image for their tutorial

I am everything, all rolled into one.

You be me.

I be you.

They be us.

We be them.

All is one.

Love is all.



turquoise cro said...

Thanks Deb for the pumpkin goodness!!! I want to try and make one of those later!! They are all scrumptious!Your poem is soOOOOo true!

Teteel said...

Nice words of yours.

Happy Fall to you, too, my sweet friend.

beth said...

these are the !

and so much better than knowing the ones i have will just get thrown away....

kt said...

I all rolled into one too! But the colorful pumpkins are really speaking to me today:)

Gina said...

These are fabulous! I'd say I'm the natural, burlap pumpkin but need some of that funky bold color too. Wish I could upcycle some time so I could make a few but until then I'll enjoy as you post what you're making.