Tuesday, October 19, 2010

upcycled Pumpkins

sweaters, wool scarves, t-shirts, corduroy men's shirts and chenille bedspreads became my first batch of pumpkins. Now I am planning to drag out some vintage brights and maybe a special one for my Army Soldier and his bride!!


beth said...

i love that last one....the green one !...wow !!

and ummm, does your brain ever shut off or do you ever stop moving ?

Hashi said...

I love the chenille one. I think I have that same bedspread!

I know you are counting the days till Scooter returns. My niece's husband will be back from Afghanistan on Saturday. Joyjoy! Hang in there, Deb!

Dianne said...

Love these!

Bunny said...

These are the coolest pumpkins EVER! Thanks for the inspiration, Deb! You are TRULY inspiring:)

Unknown said...

okay... you just totally made my day with these pumpkins!!!!

guess what I'm going to be doing later... thx , deb.