Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sitting still

occasionally I really do sit still...
but only just long enough 
to catch my breath, recharge and get going again

Sometimes I drop to the floor for Down Dog 
or strike a yoga pose like a Tree

 ~ B-R-E-A-T-H-E~

yes, I have an occasional meltdown which involves 
dropping the "F" bomb, stomping around 
like I have lead feet, kicking like a wild Pinto in a field 
and crying rivers and buckets. 
And then a calm wave comes over me. 
I pull up my bootstraps and keep on keeping on. 
No need to stay there very long. 
Flip the coin. 
Hit refresh. 
And get happy in the same shoes I just got mad!

JOY is PEACE dancing 
and PEACE is JOY at rest


beth said...

wait....WHAT ?
you sit still ? really ?
funny i didn't see that in january :)
oh wait. you did sit still in the evenings with a glass of wine in your hand....barely !!!!

ps....i love that energy of yours !

Meri said...

Joy is being friends with you.

rebecca said...

lovely post full of my deb fix!
thanks for being the dancing light you are in my life.
i adore you completely.

kate hopper said...

Deb, I'm so happy to know about you! Thanks for visiting Mother Words. I look forward to a daily deb fix, now, too!