Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Are Your Own Muse

 the above link is a slideshow with music of a few self portraits

I am involved with a very powerful, rewarding, inspiring, daring, exciting online workshop 
entitled You Are Your Own Muse 
This weeks prompt and inspiration is all about 
The Beauty of Different.
We are telling our truths, exposing, opening, learning, laughing, twirling and dancing ...
 and you know I am pretty much all into that!!

there's nothing wrong with lovin who you are
~Lady GaGa~


foxysue said...

No, and I'm lovin who you are too!

Sue x

windrock studio said...

How cool are you!! You know I so love your self portraits ... the slideshow is awesome, the music terrific! Looks like you are having lots of fun with this workshop.
Keep rockin'

rebecca said...

you quite stunningly filled my soul.
thank you deb.
i didn't realize i could love you more...

eb said...

will DO!!!

xox - eb.