Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Burning Question do you want it to feel? 

Danielle LaPorte asked me...

I answered it

   now this is my "poetic, lyrical and abstract truth"

~I want my day to feel like the curls of smoky Nag Champa
~I want my toes to feel like octopus suction cups
~I want my kissing to feel like melting honey
~I want my yoga practice to feel like an Egyptian Pyramid during a summer rainy sunrise
~I want my writing to feel like Shel Silverstein on a slip `n’ slide
~I want my body to feel like Tree Pose on a pier in Bay of Cancun
 ~I want my lunch break to feel like an Olympic Springboard dive in to azure waters
~I want my solitude to feel like Bowen Island, B.C.
~I want my leather boots to feel like Willie Nelson
~I want my backyard to feel like childhood tents made from bed sheets and coffee tables
~I want my love to feel like a birthday bubble bath in Scotland
~I want my breakfast to feel like a field of Sunflowers in France
~I want my friendships to feel like faded 501's, clove cigarettes, patchouli suntan shoulders
~I want my dinner tongue to feel like fireworks laced with Wasabi and Cabernet
~I want my kitchen to feel like Frida Kahlo eating mangoes in rainforest herb gardens
~I want my grandchildren to feel like Pee Wee’s Playhouse
~I want my bed to feel like 800 thread count marshmallow cream silk cocoon
~I want my end of the day to feel like the final push of childbirth

by Deb Taylor


Hashi said...

You are one juicy mama, Deb Taylor.

Dawn Elliott said...

I will take the burning question with me to bed tonight and ruminate on all there is to feel.
Your answers evoke thoughtfulness of a lifetime well beautiful!

Brenda said...

dang, that's some good writing there. has a fine aftertaste. kudos.

My Offering said...

oh my goodness gracious, i love this! i've got to write a list like this, Deb. i love the wasabi & cabernet fireworks, the marshmallow cream silk cocoon, and to so much more of this with which i can relate and am whisked away.

Anonymous said...

oh goodness...chills. LOVE this.

Anonymous said...

amazing and rich and omg...

Anonymous said...

there is so much goodness in this post, it makes me smile! beautiful deb. brava!!

Fallingladies said...

A post to make anyone and everyone smile!

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