Saturday, April 14, 2012

story of a self portrait

This is the day that decides by itself to be beautiful
~ Henry Shukman ~ 

It all started one evening last week by looking out the backdoor 
to witness such beautiful light.
I grabbed my twirly skirt, tripod, remote
and my handsome Field Assistant since I 
was planning to cross barbed wire and  trek 
thru a rugged cow pasture

someone is learning to use my iPhone!

next thing I know.....we are hiking towards the pond


photo by Matt, SOOC
straight out of camera

tomorrow I will share photos taken by Matt
since I was afraid to take my remote into the water 
(vintage slips don't have pockets!)
He took control of my camera and made some magic! 
I think we make a pretty good team, eh? 


Cheryl said...

Great minds think alike. You're a great team!

kerin rose said...

photo # 3 made me laugh so hard!....your guy is a sassy one!.....thanks for sharing the process!

Bella Cirovic said...

Beautiful photos ~ and yes, a great team :)

Unknown said...

He did a wonderful job! Love #3! So, so funny!

Marit said...

Oh you woman! I came to see your haiku - you said 'screw you' so I went to the next post to see your photos - which say 'come on in and dance with me' so I did! Have I told you that I love you lately? Keep on twirling baby! (and yes, you make a great team!)

Cherie said...

These photos are such an incredible love story to me. You two are such an inspiration!