Thursday, May 31, 2012

Planking with Pink Polka Dot Giraffes!

Planking with Planking Pink Polka Dot Giraffes...

because I can!

click here if you missed 
my Planking post last week!
It's loaded with face-down fun!!


Bella Cirovic said...

Loving that you get your plank on anywhere!! xoxoxo

Jo Murray said...

Loved last week...and this. You are as fit as a flea Deb.

Meri said...

This is really weird -- I tried to comment from the link on Share the Joy and got a message telling me I wasn't authorized to view your site from my Google identity, yet here I am commenting from the link on my sidebar. Weird!

And I am signed up for Vivienne's Montage class starting soon -- plus You Are Your Own Muse which starts, I think, in September.