Saturday, June 16, 2012

Queen of Arts, she Rocks my World

photo by Kim

My friend Kim de Broin Mailhot, aka The Queen of Arts
aka The Rock Fairy is the artist behind these tiny little treasures. I place them in random public spots to be discovered. I have them all over my home. I slip them into the pockets of a friend in need, indeed! I photograph them and plan to spread the love even more by selling prints someday! {{ still working on that one}}

You can buy these little delicious morsels in her 
Etsy Shoppe as well as printed notecards of her paintings like the card below she mailed to me...her heart is "One Big Walking"!  as I have watched her paint, and believe me, 
she paints with her whole heart!!

 photo by Kim

Kim, I adore your spirit, your generous Big Heart Walking, and amazing talents as a mixed media artist...and as a friend! 


Gerri said...

Oh Deb, Thanks for sharing...
I've been wanting and wanting these rocks since I've been getting to know you! xxO

beth said...

me too....i love that girl !!
she has gifted me with so many of her love rocks and her hugs are the warmest ones ever !!

we are so lucky to have this queen of love aka rock fairy in our lives....oh and lets not forget her laughter...oh that girl.... she has good laugh ability !!!


Jo Murray said...

A great concept. Spread the love.

trish said...

Love, love, love these little love stones... xxx

Bonita Rose said...

I just ordered some and recvd them last week... love them.. you so inspired me with your words.. I love them just as much as you and hope to meet her one day too!
I too want to play and admire my rocks and take fun photos with them...
I really love these little babies.
Your photos inspired me to get some of my own.. I LOVE LOVE THEM!

THANK YOU you most awesome rock fairy!

xo bonitarose

rebecca said...

dear deb,

i cannot thank you enough for singing the praises of the Big Heart Walking!
this is a beautiful honoring of someone endeared to all. our Queen of Arts has the love going on!

thank you for gracing postcards from paradise with ultimate kim love.

your photo collection in honor of kim is delicious. i am swept away with the white bowl simplicity and the be you message. perfect.

love you deb and your rock fairy too!

susanna said...

Great idea, Kim, and these photographs are terrific. I agree, I think you should sell these images as cards, postcards, art prints...